Heidy Sumei Chuang is a Taiwanese-American artist from Atlanta Georgia. She works both in floral design and painted media.

Often, we link identity and place. Where we live and where we come from influences who we are. In these paintings and floral designs, identity and place merge, as calligraphic lines of Asian painting are combined with Western traditional landscape.

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Open to Wonder, New York City

Wonder is at the heart of Heidy Sumei Chuang’s butterfly paintings. Since the spring of 2017, through in-depth study and community field work in France, Chuang has experienced the extraordinary and captivating beauty of butterflies. Now the audience is welcomed into this new space of wonder, in a series of fourteen large-scale watercolors to be exhibited in the spring of 2018. Expansive and alive with color, her butterflies reveal the story of a creature reborn, a changeling pulsing with mystery and intricacy, even as it’s captured on paper. Inspired by the natural colors of each species’ ecosystem, and in collaboration with the conservation organization A Rocha, Chuang brilliantly reminds the audience of our planet’s extravagant vibrance as well as its indisputable fragility. -Anna A. Friedrich

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River Kite
Watercolor on Paper

First Fruits Exhibition

First Fruits is on current exhibition at the CIVA Gallery; Madison, Wisconsin
Fall 2017 and then travel for three years to exhibition spaces throughout North America.

More information can be found here: www.civa.org/first-fruits

Watercolor on Paper